Sharron Stockhausen is the former CEO of Expert Publishing, Inc.  She was first published in 1976. She’s written thousands of articles for magazines and newspapers, wrote a magazine column for two years and two newspaper columns (one was syndicated for fourteen years), and has authored or co-authored fourteen books.

She’s taught graduate school managerial communications  for two universities, has taught writing, business writing, business, speech, and currently teaches strategic management at a Twin Cities university.

Sharron’s won awards for writing, speaking,  and Expert Publishing won publishing awards for both editorial and design.

Before closing Expert Publishing  in 2011, she worked with her husband, Harry, to publish business, self-help, and inspirational books.

Harry Stockhausen worked for twenty-plus years as an executive in the printing industry. He left that industry to join Sharron and for over a decade, they worked together and managed to stay married!

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1 Response to “About Expert Book Publishing”

  1. 1 Andrew Ragali March 21, 2012 at 2:45 pm


    My names Andrew Ragali. I’m a reporter at the Record-Journal in Meriden, CT. I’m Looking for an expert on publishing for a source I’m writing on a story. Would you be interested? It’s a weekend story(this weekend). You can reach me at or 203-217-2224. Basically looking at why young adults are hot targets for books (The Hunger Games, Twilight etc…)

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