Good News and Better News for Writers

As 2010 draws to a close, I’m pleased to share some good news and some better news. The good news is there’s a new year on the horizon and that means new hope, new thinking, and new opportunities.

All one has to do is look at the magazine covers or media ads filled with weight loss products, de-clutteriing ideas, and organization tips to see new hope for better living.

Add the promises we make to ourselves to improve or eliminate something in our lives (we call these New Year’s Resolutions), and we experience new thinking (at least for a short while).

And what about new opportunities? We discover opportunities to learn, to share, to work, to play, to entertain, to be entertained, etc. Opportunities are always there–it’s just that we don’t really look for them as earnestly as we do at the beginning of a new year.

That was the good news. Here’s the better news.

The year 2011 can be your best year ever as a writer. And you have more control in making that happen than you think. If you want your writing to stand above the crowd, make sure you’ve mastered the basics–grammar, basic sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, etc. Once those become second nature to you, your creativity can be unleashed as you discover new ways to turn a phrase, write in active voice, and create visuals with your words.

Why wait until 2011 to get started? Today is as good a day as any to affix the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair and get writing. No one writes exactly as you write, so stop denying your reader your good stuff and get going!

Happy writing!


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