You Can’t Get Published Unless You Write

Too often writers lament how hard it is to get published. That’s old thinking. You have more options for getting published today than ever before in history.

The real issue is too many writers think they should be paid for what they write. They’re right, of course, but they’re also short-sighted on the form the payment takes.

If you self-publish, your payment comes later–when you sell books. Your payment is larger than if you royalty publish because no one takes a cut. Yes, you invest in yourself up front, but the reward is much bigger overall.

If you royalty publish, your payment comes later–after the publisher and agent each take their cut, you typically get 5 to 10 percent of what’s left over. Often royalties run 25 cents to 40 cents per book sold (not given away or reviewed or returned for credit). Royalty checks are issued semi-annually or annually, depending on the publisher. If your book isn’t a financial success within a few weeks, you’re tagged as a loser and you probably won’t be royalty published again.

If you puppy mill press publish, your payment comes later–after the publisher takes its cut (you typically have to place all orders for your book with the puppy mill press to assure it gets its cut). Then the press claims to pay you a “royalty” on the book you’ve already paid for in the first place.

If you equity publish, your payment comes as quickly as you can sell books or get hired to speak, to consult, or to do other work  because you’re the expert. Again, your payment is higher because no one takes a cut. You also avoid the stigma attached to self-publishing because you don’t own the publishing company and you don’t have the steep learning curve on what it takes to publish a quality book. Instead, your book meets the quality requirements of the equity publisher.

No matter which way you decide to go, you won’t get published unless you’ve written your book, however. Make writing a top priority if you’re serious about getting published.

Be sure you look at all your publishing options before making a decision on which way to publish. Be aware of the pitfalls of puppy mill presses. Understand how royalty publishing works. Educate yourself. Book publishing is business, not dream fulfillment.

Happy writing!


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