Successful Authors Establish Their Presence

Almost every media talk show interviews authors. It’s a win-win. Authoring a published book establishes the author’s credibility, which positions the author as an expert and is good for the show. Being interviewed offers free publicity for the author’s book and could increase sales, which is good for the author.

I don’t have any statistics, but my thinking is that most people don’t have a pen and paper handy to jot down the name of the book when it’s mentioned. Thus, the name of the book could often be lost.

However, if the interview goes well, people will call or email the show and ask about the author or the name of the author’s book. Thus, authors establishing their presence in media can be a good thing if the author does a good job on the program.

Another way authors establish their presence is speaking to groups that are interested in the author’s subject matter. It helps if the author happens to have books at the speaking event to sell. It helps, that is, if the author is an engaging speaker and audience members want to “take the author home with them.”

Writing for periodicals,  blogs, etc. is another way authors establish their presence. Whether sharing an excerpt from their book or sharing new but related information, it’s important authors write something so people begin to recognize the author’s name.

If you’re writing your book to establish (or reinforce) your credibility, it’s important you select the right publisher. Going with an Internet “puppy-mill press” could undermine your credibility rather than enhance it. Everyone knows who these presses are, so being published by them screams desperation, not credibility.

At Expert Publishing, we pride ourselves on the quality of the books we publish because our name and reputation is on the line just as much as the author’s. We believe if we compromise our standards, we negatively impact every book we’ve ever published, and that’s not acceptable to us.

Whether you’ve already published your book or are looking for a publisher, give some thought to establishing your presence so people recognize you and your expertise. There’s an old question that asks, “Would you like to do business with the person who talks about the subject or with the person who wrote the book on the subject?” You can answer that for yourself.

Happy writing!


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