How’s Your Book Coming?

Now that we’re in the week between Christmas and the beginning of the new year, it’s time to look forward and think about your writing plans.

Magazines and talk shows urge us to lose weight, improve health, get organized, quit (fill in a habit), and make changes for the better.

One of the changes you can make as a writer is to keep your promise to yourself to finish writing your book in 2010. You like to write (some of my students admit to feeling a bit guilty about writing because they enjoy it so much), so why don’t you? I submit you’re not writing because you’re filling your time with other things that don’t give you as much enjoyment or satisfaction as writing, but they’re things you think you need to do.

Hogwash! You don’t have to do everything you think you do. I learned that over the Christmas holiday. I didn’t decorate nearly as much as I used to. I didn’t bake as many cookies as I used to. I didn’t go to as many corporate (obligations) parties as I used to. And you know what? I had a wonderful holiday. I spent time with loved ones. I felt less stressed. I even did some things I like to do rather than things others told me I had to do.

How about you? You have a book in you. You may even have started writing it. But it never gets done. Why is that? Maybe you really don’t want to write that book. Okay, then don’t. Maybe you feel guilty writing because you enjoy it so much. It’s okay to do things you enjoy doing–and maybe even have something to show for your efforts when you’re done.

Maybe you need to revisit how you use your time. No one ever gets more than twenty-four hours in a day, but we do get to determine how we spend some of that time. If you’re spending it on things that aren’t worthwhile (you get to determine what’s worthwhile), you may want to figure out why you squander time you could be writing, then put that time to better use.

How’s your book coming? Give yourself permission to finish writing it in 2010. If you don’t write it, it won’t get done.

Happy writing!


3 Responses to “How’s Your Book Coming?”

  1. 1 Cathy January 5, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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