Authors, not Publishers, Sell Books

Whether you’re a Sarah Palin fan or not, you have to acknowledge the woman can sell books. Let me repeat, the woman can sell books. People buy authors, not publishers. Do you even know who her publisher is without looking it up? Probably not.

So, why is it authors expect publishers to market and sell books?

One of the reasons publishers look for authors “with a platform”–that’s code for visibility in the marketplace–is people plunk their money down for books by authors they’ve heard of. That’s why almost every author wanted to be on Oprah. If they appeared on Oprah, they knew people would have at least heard of them and their book and perhaps people would even purchase it.

So, what are you going to do to sell your book once it’s published? Once you realize publishing is business, not dream fulfillment, you’ll be in a better position to write your book marketing plan.

The sooner you start marketing your book, the quicker you’ll see orders come in. That equates to dollars in your pocket, so why wouldn’t you want to get out there and promote your book? It makes sense that people need to know your book exists before they can buy it.

What’s the first step you’re willing to take to market your book? I suggest you focus on the reason you wrote the book in the first place. Was it to capture history? Then research where history buffs are. Was it to help with a medical issue people deal with? Then research the medical institutions or companies that may help promote your book. Also, think about support groups or associations that work with that particular medical issue. Was it to help small business owners? Then find out where small business owners hang out–chambers of commerce, trade associations, etc.

You need to get your book visible to the audience you wrote the book for. Authors, not publishers, sell books. Sarah Palin is a great example of how important the author is in the process, so what are you doing to sell your book?

Happy writing!


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