Authors Need a Platform

Christina Katz wrote an excellent article in Writer’s Digest magazine on How to Build a Marketing Platform.  I’ve stated before that publishers are interested in authors with a platform and Katz’ article does an excellent job of clearing up what a platform is and how to build one.

Her advice is good no matter what publishing option you select because the bottom line is return on investment (your investment in yourself or someone else’s investment in your intellectual property) through book sales.

Before we started Expert Publishing, I was published by four book publishers and I’ve been published by another since we started Expert Publishing. Each publisher had its own niche, but I had a platform in each area–teaching (I teach college), negotiation (I negotiated contracts in one career), business (I grew up in business and have owned one for over thirty years), publishing (obviously), and history (I wrote a weekly newspaper column about local history published in three communities in my  county for 14 years).

I had an identified body of expertise, had a memorable name (if people don’t remember Stockhausen, they sure remember Sharron has two r’s), wasn’t afraid to go public (teaching, speaking, etc.) and even had promotional materials (my other company is Stockhausen Ink and I’ve owned that since 1976).

You can create your own platform and improve your opportunity to get published rather than having to do it yourself. A good place to start is Katz’ article. Read it and figure out how you can do what it says.

Happy writing!


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