Invest in Yourself

It seems that not long after the July 4 holiday, we start getting back-to-school messages in magazines and newspapers.

As a college professor, I’m always thinking about education and learning, so I thought I’d encourage you to think about your writing career and about investing in yourself and your success by looking into taking a writing class.

You’re already in the right mind-set for learning because you’re reading about writing. That tells me you believe you can learn to improve your writing, just as you learn to improve any skill by instruction and practice.

I’m not suggesting you commit to a full semester college writing course. I am suggesting you look at your local institutions for offerings and look at online offerings as well. Most continuing education programs in your local public schools offer some writing courses, as do the continuing education programs in your local colleges.

Of course, the writing class is only as good as the instructor, so you may want to ask around and do some research on the credentials of the teacher. Ask if the teacher has actually been published, for example. You may also ask about the teacher’s teaching experience. Not everyone can share information in a way others can grasp it.

You’ll also want to invest in a course that interests you. For example, if you never intend to write a romance, don’t take a course that teaches how to do that.

Invest in yourself by taking a writing class and you’re bound to improve your writing.

Happy writing!


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