Read Everything You Can

If you’re reading this blog, you’re either a writer or you’re exploring the possibility of becoming a writer.

Writers love words and you can bet writers are also readers. You may choose to read in your field of expertise and learn what’s new or how to handle jargon.

You may choose to read general publications such as magazines and newspapers and learn how to tighten your writing to get your point across  using words that matter. You’ll also learn how to use outside resources to make your point and how to use facts to support opinions.

Whether or not you write fiction, you’ll want to read novels. Mysteries will show you how to create interest and curiosity. Romances will show you how to create tension and show emotion. Other novels demonstrate ways to put words together to draw your reader into the writing by engaging the reader’s thinking and visualization skills.

As you read, become a critical reader. Jot down phrases you like in a notebook–not to copy them, but to use them to jumpstart your own creativity.

Turn your reading into writing lessons and you’ll be amazed at how much your writing improves over time.

Happy writing!


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