Get Endorsements for Your Book

At Expert Publishing, we often get asked about who authors should approach to endorse their books.

First, it’s important the author think about the purpose of endorsements. The purpose is to encourage a prospective reader to purchase your book and read it.

We’ve had some authors who filled the first pages of their book with endorsements, and we’ve had others who hand selected the endorsements and placed them on the back cover. Either option is fine. What’s important is you get the endorsements.

Endorsements should be about the book, not the author or the author’s work (many of our authors are professionals like attorneys, doctors, consultants, speakers, trainers, etc.).

Some authors like to go for a big name endorsements (our books have had endorsements from heavy hitters like Brian Tracy, Joe Girard, Deepak Chopra, and  Ken Blanchard). However, not everyone can get a big name endorsement, so what should you do? Look for job titles related to your book’s subject that readers will recognize (CEO, Founder, Author, Chair, President, Owner, Professor of Management, etc.).

How do you approach these people? Send them a copy of your manuscript and ask them for an endorsement for your book.  You might want to include a deadline, but be aware they are busy people and if you set the deadline too short, they may just say no because they can’t meet it.

If you get a negative answer (for example, Zig Ziglar said he doesn’t endorse books), don’t despair. You’ve probably sent out a dozen requests and one or two negatives should be expected. On the other hand, if you were conservative in sending out requests, you may want to revisit your list of desired endorsements, add some more names, and send out those manuscripts.

The bottom line is you need to make it easy for people to do whatever it is you want them to do for you. If you want them to provide an endorsement for your book, tell them you’re looking for a one-sentence endorsement for the back cover and include your email address or a self-addressed stamped envelope so they don’t have to figure out how to respond to you.

Don’t be shy. Your book is important and your readers await your good information. Get those endorsements!

Happy writing!


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