Position Yourself As An Expert

At Expert Publishing, we work with people who want to position themselves as experts and create additional income.

How does one achieve expert status?

First, you must be ubitquitous (if your dictionary isn’t handy, it means being everywhere, widespread).

I wrote a monthly magazine column for a couple of years and a weekly newspaper column (published in three newspapers) for fourteen years. Add the national magazines I wrote articles for (Woman’s World Weekly, Victoria, etc.), and I was building quite a clip file.

Soon I was asked to speak at writers conferences, offer writing workshops, and teach classes on the business of writing at two of our local Twin Cities’ colleges.

I’ve been quoted in articles and been interviewed on both radio and television.

Corporations have hired me to come in and do workshops.

I’ve traveled to other states to teach people how to write business documents people will actually read.

Eventually, people hired me to edit their manuscripts. Some hired me to consult with them in developing their book ideas.

What’s your expertise? Write about it in your blog, on your website. Write articles for the Internet or for the print media. Get quoted so people see your name associated with your expertise. Join groups and get involved so people recognize you.

When people start contacting you to contribute quotes to their articles, to speak at their events, or to work with them on projects, you know you’ve done a good job positioning yourself as an expert.

One of the very best ways to let people know about your expertise is to get your book published. I know professional speakers who didn’t get the job because they didn’t have a book. The person doing the hiring decided it was better to hire the person who wrote the book on the subject than one who just talks about it.

Happy writing!


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