Authors Must Self-Promote to Succeed

The publishing industry is changing almost as fast as the auto industry. Most royalty publishers aren’t interested in authors with unproven track records. Publishing is business and royalty publishers want authors who are either celebrity or have a platform and are willing to get out there and promote their books.

Technology opened the door for the puppy-mill presses to use the Internet to reach out to uninitiated authors with dreams of being published even if the big publishers aren’t interested.

Most of us aren’t logical when it comes to dreaming. We see what we think is an opportunity and we latch on–then learn our dream wasn’t what we thought it was.

There are more opportunities to publish today than ever in history. Yes, dreams come true, but not without the author doing a lot of hard work in promoting self (platform) and book (product). If you’re an author with a royalty publisher and you’re not getting publicity for your book, chances are you’ll be out of print shortly.

No matter what type of publisher you have, it’s up to the author to get out there and create the buzz about the book. People buy authors, not publishers.

You may think a royalty publisher who’s bought the rights to your intellectual property will promote your book in order to get a return on the investment, but you’re wrong. If your book loses money for the publisher, you’re simply taken off the list of authors publishers want to work with. Why? You didn’t do enough to promote your book to make it a success and there are many more authors waiting to take your place.

Writing is a solitary activity and most authors prefer staying home and writing to going public and promoting their books. That’s why royalty publishers are now focusing on working with authors who have proven they like visibity. If you don’t, yet you want to be successful as an author, stretch yourself to get out there.

Happy writing!


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