The Importance of Author Photos

We publish people who are experts or want to position themselves as experts to create additional income.

Author photos are important for all authors, but they are even more important when the reader is looking at buying a book for the author’s expertise.

Both my husband, Harry, and I are members of the National Speakers Association.  Members of that organization are professional speakers and experts in their fields. It’s important they look, act, and live the part.

So often we see photos of authors either in or on their newest book and the photo looks like a prom picture (I’ve also heard them called graduation pictures, so you get the idea). There’s at least a decade or two time gap between the photo and the person’s appearance today.

I’ve also seen photos of authors in casual attire standing or sitting in a natural setting. Then there are the photos of authors doing some hobby.

While I don’t believe prom pictures serve the author well (because they send a message of dishonesty or unwillingness to spend money on current photos), I can see some merit to the other examples. If your book is about nature, you may want a natural setting. If it’s about your hobby, why not show yourself engaged in it?

For the most part, however, author photos should show the author in professional attire and in current times. Spend a little and get a lot of credibility with your author photo!


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