Book Cover Copy is Important

You’ve writtten your book.

You”ve got a publisher (either yourself or an equity publisher like Expert Publishing or some other type of  publisher).

You’re in the design phase and need to write your cover copy.

What should you write? A synopsis of the book? Accolades from those you’ve asked for endorsements? Both?

Your first question should ask how much room you have. The back cover is your prime real estate, but there are some things that need to be on the back cover if you want to look professionally published.

  • Book category (this helps librarians, store clerks, and book reviewers)
  • Barcode (contains embedded ISBN and price)
  • Price (readily visible to potential buyer)
  • Publisher

After you have those things, the rest of the turf is yours.

Your next question should be about the reader: What would entice the reader to pick this book up and look inside?

If, for your audience, endorsements are important, you’ll want to put one or two on the back cover. If, on the other hand, your audience is more interested in your book’s content, you’ll want that foremost on your cover.

Nonfiction typically uses a combination of the two, while fiction doesn’t usually post endorsements on the cover, but rather on the first few inside pages.

As long as you keep in mind your audience and the purpose of your cover, you should do fine.  Remember the front cover is supposed to attract the reader visually and invite the reader to pick the book up. The back cover is supposed to invite your reader to open the book and look inside.

You’re much closer to a sale if your content and price match what the reader wants. And, selling books, after all is what publishing is really all about.


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